Croc EGGS™ Plum and Coconut Icy Poles

  • Servings

    8 icy poles

  • Prepration Time

    5 mins

  • Cook Time

    6 hrs


  • 4 large CROC EGGS™ plums pureed
  • 1.5 cups coconut cream stirred until free from lumps


  • Pour the plum puree into one jug, and then pour the coconut cream into the other jug, this will allow for easy layering
  • Pour 2 cm of plum puree into the bottom of each icy pole mould and freeze for hour or until set.
  • When it has frozen pour 2 cm of coconut cream, add a little milk if it is too thick to pour
  • Repeat until the mould is full and return to the freezer until it is completely frozen

Tip: To vary the flavour, you could add ½ a teaspoon of cardamom or cinnamon to the plum puree.

Credit: Fiona Louise- Simply Food


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