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Our goal is to deliver great tasting, quality apples, matching and inspiring your passion and excitement for your love of fruit.
We are passionate about bringing choice and diversity to our consumers. We travel the world to find the best tasting apples and bring them home, where we plant and grow for years before we bring them to you. Explore our best traditional and new, exciting apples.

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Stone Fruits

We select only the best varieties of stone fruit, specially chosen for their superior flavour, appearance and overall quality.
Our premium range of stone fruit is hand selected from the outer edges of the orchard trees where sunshine produces naturally higher sugars, intense colour, and full rich flavours to ensure you have the greatest, most refreshing eating experience in summer.

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Choose Montague’s Sweet Sensation with confidence. This pear comes from a long and rich heritage from the Netherlands. Learn what makes Sweet Sensation different to other pears.

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Exotic Fruits

With a modern, youthful vitality and passion, we are always searching for the perfect fruit. Adding a range of tropical fruits full of exotic flavours to Australia’s summer seemed to just make sense.

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Ciders & Juices

We use our great tasting apples to create a range of premium beverages, including sparkling apple juice and refreshing apple cider. Explore our range of beverages.

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Did you know that our orchards are home to thousands of beehives, filled with millions of bees? 🐝⁠

Honey bees play an essential role when it comes to the sustainable process of fruit growing, working hard to pollinate our fruit trees. ⁠

Have you noticed more bees out and about as the weather warms up?⁠

📷 @divine_fruits

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How's your fruit bowl looking? 🍎 🍏⁠

If it's not overflowing like this one 👆 you may be due for a trip to the shops to restock. ⁠

Know someone who's always got an abundance of fruit at home? Tag them below. 👇⁠

Find JAZZ™ apples at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers. ⁠

Our growers are out tending to their orchards in the 🌧️ or ☀️.⁠

A lot of farming is about learning to live with nature - ensuring the orchard is thriving no matter what mother nature decides to throw at it. ⁠

Apple growers David and Sue Finger's orchard in Vernview, Yarra Valley, offers a cool climate, ideal for growing the perfect JAZZ™ apples. ⁠

Head to our IG video tab 👆 to learn more about our growers. ⁠

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👭 + 🚲 + 🍎 = BLISS⁠

There are few things in life sweeter than friendship, and envy™ apples draw a pretty close second. 😉⁠

Tag your bestie below 👇 and load up your basket with envy™ from your local ⁠@woolworths_au, @costco_aus, and selected @igaaustralia and independent greengrocers⁠

📷 @hannahandjai⁠

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Q: What tastes better than ice cream? 🤷⁠
A: Homemade HONEYCOT® Apricot Ice Cream with Lemon Myrtle.⁠

Try out this tasty recipe this stone fruit season. You'll only need six ingredients to get started. 👇⁠

✨ HONEYCOT® apricots⁠
✨ Eggs⁠
✨ Caster sugar ⁠
✨ Vanilla extract⁠
✨ Lemon myrtle powder⁠
✨ Cream⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 for the full recipe. ⁠

#Montague #stonefruit #HONEYCOTapricots #apricot

The days may be long, but the reward sure is worth it. 🍎🍑⁠

👨‍🌾 Our growers sure know how to put in a hard day's work - dedicated to growing the best quality fruit just for you.⁠

Head to our videos 👆 channel to hear stories from our network of apple and stone fruit growers.⁠

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Montague grows fruit from orchards all across Australia, focusing on producing quality fruit from the best growing regions. 🍎 🌳⁠

Scott Montague talks about the company's passion and dedication to the apple industry and product excellence in our YouTube series. ⁠

He shares how like-minded and passionate growers located in different regions help to produce and distribute fruit across Australia more efficiently and effectively.⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 to learn more about Legana Orchard in Tasmania's Tamar Valley and the dedication that goes into growing quality apples for consumers. ⁠

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Who says snacking needs to be boring?⁠

Jazz up your snacking with the always refreshing JAZZ™ apple. 😍⁠

Want to know the best part? These apples are available for most of the year!⁠

What's your favourite snacking apple? Let us know 👇⁠

🛒 Shop JAZZ™ apples at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers. ⁠

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