Some of the highest levels of antioxidants available from fruit!


Combining sweetness with a crisp, juicy texture, our BLACK DIAMOND® series of red fleshed plums are the ultimate summer fruit.


Grown and picked to enjoy each summer, BLACK DIAMOND® plums are available between November and January.


Enjoy warmer climates, our BLACK DIAMOND® plums are grown in our northern Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland orchards.

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Our BLACK DIAMOND® plums are available at all leading retailers.

Delicious Recipes

Grilled Nectara™ Tangy Punch Nectarines and Halloumi Skewers
Prosciutto, Nectara™ Nectarine and Fontina Panini on Rosemary Focaccia
Grilled Gruyère, Nectara™ Nectarines, and Honey Tartines on Sourdough
BBQ Grilled Nectara™ Nectarines with Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil Pesto and Rocket

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