Ambrosia™ Apples

When an apple is named after the mythical ‘food of gods’, you know it’s going to be a special apple.


After becoming a global sensation in the apple world, Ambrosia™ was added to our Montague family of apples in 2016 and enjoyed its first season on supermarket shelves in 2020.

This intensely sweet, juicy and aromatic apple is known for its large size, crisp texture, perfumed aroma and honeyed flavour.

Keep Ambrosia™ chilled in the fridge for a cool, refreshing snack.


This honey flavoured apple satisfies all senses from its smooth appearance, distinct perfumed aroma.


Ambrosia™ offers a light, crisp texture.


Thriving in the summer and autumn sunshine, Ambroisa™ is picked and available from April to July each year.


First planted in Australia in 2016, Ambrosia™ is grown across our apple growing network in Batlow (NSW), Stanthorpe (QLD) and Tamar and Huon Valleys (TAS).

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Where to Buy

Currently available from selected supermarkets, Costco wholesale retailers and independent greengrocers.

Make sure you follow our social media channels @montagueofficial for up to date information about when Ambrosia™ is in season.

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