JAZZ™ Apples

Always refreshing is more than just a tagline. One bite and you’ll understand why JAZZ™ provides a naturally refreshing sensation with every bite.


Always crunchy, always sweet and always juicy, our JAZZ™ apples have been an apple-favourite since they hit the supermarket shelves in 2008.

Crossed between the Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties, our JAZZ™ apples with clean skin and dense crunchy white flesh, deliver a refreshing taste sensation with every bite.

These robust apples are known to store well and enjoy a longer shelf-life, providing a crunchy and consistent eating experience for longer.


JAZZ™ apples are perfumed like Lilacs or Hyacinths and possess an effervescent, refreshing, tangy and sweet flavour.


The texture of the JAZZ™ apple packs a definite crunch and it’s unparalleled firmness makes for a delicious snack on the go.


Our Australian grown JAZZ™ apples enjoy the longest season of all of our apple brands and can be found on supermarket shelves from April to December.


With over 500,000 JAZZ™ apple trees throughout Australia, we work with an extensive network of licensed growers across Australia, including Batlow (NSW), Stanthorpe (QLD), Adelaide Hills (SA), Southern Victoria (VIC), Manjimup (WA) and Tamar and Huon Valley (TAS).

JAZZ™ apples thrive in orchards with rich soil, high rainfall and summer sunshine.

Seen on the right is Brad Fankhauser situated in Druin, VIC.

Meet Our Growers

Where to Buy

Our Australian grown JAZZ™ apples are available from all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers – keep an eye out for the blue sticker in the premium fruit section of your nearest store.

Make sure you follow our social media channels @montagueofficial for the latest news and announcements when JAZZ™ is in season.

Delicious Recipes

envy™ Apple Coconut Bircher
JAZZ™ Apple Chips



Prep Time

15 mins

Cooking Time

2 hours

JAZZ™ Apple Cake



Prep Time

10 mins

Cooking Time

45-60 mins

JAZZ™ Apple Galettes



Prep Time

20 mins

Cooking Time

20-25 mins

JAZZ™ Apple Monsters
Cider-braised Chicken with envy™ Apple, Fennel & Rosemary
Smoked Cheddar, Sweet Onion & envy™ Apple Focaccia
envy™ Apple Crumble Bars

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