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Here's a treat for the kids filled with all the good kinds of sugar. 🍎⁠

Our freshly squeezed Kissabel® Apple juice is just as flavoursome as it looks. ❤️⁠

👉 Pick up a fresh apple juice at Bill's Orchard Gate before heading over to Lysterfield Park, making the most of the long weekend. ⁠

Both Bill's Orchard Gate and Stella's Kitchen takeaway are open from 9am until 2pm all weekend. ⁠

Let us know 👇 what outdoor recreation you have planned this long weekend.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Have your recipes been on repeat over the past few months? ⁠

Why not stop by Bill’s Orchard over the long weekend and pick up some envy™ apples and try this envy™ Apple Crumble Bar. 😋⁠

All you'll need is 👇⁠

🍎 envy™ apples⁠
👉 Flour⁠
🥥 Desiccated coconut⁠
👉 Brown sugar⁠
🧈 Butter⁠
👉 Rolled oats⁠
👉 Cinnamon⁠
🍋 Lemon juice ⁠

Spruce it up with some thick caramel sauce to serve and you're good to go. ⁠You're welcome.⁠

💻 Hit the link in our bio 👆 for the full recipe. ⁠

👨‍🍳 Tag someone who likes to get creative in the kitchen 👇⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Did someone say lunchtime Poke Bowl?⁠ 😍⁠

Drop by Stella's Kitchen for a takeaway lunch and coffee before letting the kids run around exploring Lysterfield Park and Lake. ⁠

Open every day from 9am until 2pm, here's what you'll find on our takeaway menu ⁠👇⁠

🥗 Seasonal poke bowl $15⁠
(add smoked salmon or chicken $3)⁠

🍗 Chicken and chips ⁠$12⁠
🍅 Vegetarian frittata⁠ $5.50⁠
🍓Scones with jam and cream $12⁠
🥐 Fresh pastries ⁠
🥖 A selection of paninis⁠
☕ Barista-made coffee and hot drinks⁠

🙋 Tag someone lucky enough to be in our 10km radius to let them know 👇⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Swap screen time 📱 for green time 🌳 this school holidays with a walk around Lysterfield Park with a barista-made coffee. ⁠

🚶‍♂️ If you're located in our 10km radius, take a break and hit the 6km Lysterfield Lake circuit loop before refuelling with a coffee ☕ and a snack. ⁠

🍽️ Plan a picnic with a friend and stock up on supplies from Bill's Orchard Gate.⁠

Bill's Orchard Gate and our Stella's Kitchen takeaway area are open every day from 9am until 2pm, serving a special lockdown takeaway menu. ⁠

Tag a friend 👇 who you are planning some outdoor recreation with.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Spark some joy in the kitchen with a colourful 🌈 collection of pickles and relish. 🧡⁠

Sourced from local makers and creators, Bill's Orchard Gate has you covered when it comes to pantry staples. ⁠

🛒 Grab a basket and stock up on fresh fruit 🍎 and vegetables 🥕 to whip up in the kitchen over the weekend. ⁠
We're open from 9am until 2pm every day during lockdown. ⁠

If you need some recipe inspo, click the link in our bio and search our apple recipes.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

👂🏻 Listen up fruit lovers and green thumbs, this one is for you. ⁠

For a limited time, yellow nectarine trees will be available to purchase from Bill’s Orchard Gate for $49.99. ⁠

🌳 The trees are a variety called Supersweet Nectarine and would make a tasty addition to any garden. ⁠

Hands up if you would love a nectarine tree in your garden.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Fresh scones, yes please ⁠🥰 ⁠

Light, fluffy, and topped with 🍓 jam and cream, our takeaway scones are a local favourite. ⁠

If you live locally, break up the day with a snack from Stella's Kitchen takeaway - we're open from 9am to 2pm daily. ⁠

Here are a few options for your morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea break 👇.⁠

🍗 Chicken and chips ⁠
🍅 Vegetarian frittata⁠
🍣 Seasonal poke bowl⁠
🌯 Chicken rice paper rolls⁠
🥐 Fresh pastries ⁠
🥖 A selection of paninis⁠
☕ Barista-made coffee and hot drinks⁠

☀️ Increase your step count for the day and add a lap of Lysterfield Park and Lake before you stop by. ⁠

🙋 Tag someone lucky enough to be in our 5km radius to let them know 👇⁠

📷 @bopo_mum_can_run

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

After something special for the whole family to enjoy? 🥧⁠

Grab one of our take-home family pies from our Stella's Kitchen takeaway area. 👇⁠

🥧 Chicken and leek $30 ⁠
🍎 envy™ apple crumble $28

📞 Call (03) 9658 5912 to order ahead and ensure you don't miss out. ⁠

Our takeaway area is open from 9am until 2pm every day.⁠

Tag someone in our 5km radius to let them know 👇 ⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #experience

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