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Montague Sparkling Apple Juice

Produced from our 100% Australian grown fruit, our Montague Sparkling Apple Juice is the ultimate thirst quencher when you need a healthy, sweet, fizzy hit.
Available in packs from your local Woolworths supermarkets in New South Wales, Queensland South Australia and Victoria, they’re perfect for entertaining at home or in the esky of your next picnic.

Montague Cider House Cider

Montague has been growing apples in Australia since the 1940s. A proud family business, Montague has produced a refreshing and delicious cider.
The Montague Cider House apple cider combines the crisp sweetness of Australian apples. A cider that has highly expressive flavour, perfect sweetness and unique acidity. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit and a faint clove spice note, give way to a balanced fresh apple palate. Fruity and fresh, the alcoholic Montague cider can be found in Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor stores across the country.

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🚨 Sound the alarm: we've officially entered eve™ 🍎 season.⁠

eve™ is the perfect option to add freshness to a winter salad 🥗, tasting equally as good as a stand-alone snack. ⁠

Fill your fruit bowl up with this tasty apple at @colessupermarkets. ⁠

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Have you heard the word? 🤔 We're expanding into the world of citrus fruits 🍋 and grapes.⁠

Having recently acquired Piscioneri Farms in Mildura, we'll be producing our own Montague citrus including Eureka lemons 🍋, Cara Cara and Navel oranges 🍊 and Afourer mandarins.⁠

For now, you can grab our Cara Cara oranges and Eureka lemons at Bill's Orchard Gate at @montagueorchard.⁠

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Is your household split on which apple they prefer too? 😜🤷⁠

It’s no surprise, as apples each have different flavour profiles. ⁠

envy™ is one of the sweetest in the range, while JAZZ™ has consistent tart-sweet characteristics.⁠

What's your favourite apple 🍎❤️⁠?⁠

Let us know 👇⁠

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On the jog? 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🍎⁠

The always crunchy, always sweet and always juicy, JAZZ™ apples are one of the most refreshing apples you'll ever bite. ⁠

It's the ideal snack for any kind of fitness guru 🏋️ or power-walking fanatic 🚶. ⁠

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envy™, delicious from every angle 🤩. ⁠

Did you know that thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of vitamin C 🧡 envy™ apples have a crisp, white flesh that stays whiter for longer, rendering it perfect for a cheese board 🧀 or fresh salad 🥗.⁠

🛒 Find envy™ apples at all leading supermarkets and retailers across Victoria and New South Wales. ⁠

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First came the apple 🍎 then came eve™ ❤️. ⁠

Distinguished by bright red skin and white flesh, eve™ apples are the ideal balance of sweetness, tartness, crispiness, and juiciness. ⁠

🛍️ Now available at @colessupermarkets. Have you picked up an eve™ apple this season? ⁠

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