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🚨 Sound the alarm: we've officially entered eve™ 🍎 season.⁠

eve™ is the perfect option to add freshness to a winter salad 🥗, tasting equally as good as a stand-alone snack. ⁠

Fill your fruit bowl up with this tasty apple at @colessupermarkets. ⁠

📷 @ieatblog⁠

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Have you heard the word? 🤔 We're expanding into the world of citrus fruits 🍋 and grapes.⁠

Having recently acquired Piscioneri Farms in Mildura, we'll be producing our own Montague citrus including Eureka lemons 🍋, Cara Cara and Navel oranges 🍊 and Afourer mandarins.⁠

For now, you can grab our Cara Cara oranges and Eureka lemons at Bill's Orchard Gate at @montagueorchard.⁠

📸 @ieatblog⁠

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Is your household split on which apple they prefer too? 😜🤷⁠

It’s no surprise, as apples each have different flavour profiles. ⁠

envy™ is one of the sweetest in the range, while JAZZ™ has consistent tart-sweet characteristics.⁠

What's your favourite apple 🍎❤️⁠?⁠

Let us know 👇⁠

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On the jog? 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🍎⁠

The always crunchy, always sweet and always juicy, JAZZ™ apples are one of the most refreshing apples you'll ever bite. ⁠

It's the ideal snack for any kind of fitness guru 🏋️ or power-walking fanatic 🚶. ⁠

#Montague #JAZZapple

envy™, delicious from every angle 🤩. ⁠

Did you know that thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of vitamin C 🧡 envy™ apples have a crisp, white flesh that stays whiter for longer, rendering it perfect for a cheese board 🧀 or fresh salad 🥗.⁠

🛒 Find envy™ apples at all leading supermarkets and retailers across Victoria and New South Wales. ⁠

#montague #envyapple

First came the apple 🍎 then came eve™ ❤️. ⁠

Distinguished by bright red skin and white flesh, eve™ apples are the ideal balance of sweetness, tartness, crispiness, and juiciness. ⁠

🛍️ Now available at @colessupermarkets. Have you picked up an eve™ apple this season? ⁠

#Montague #eveapples

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