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Our Little Orchard Tours have now closed for the season. All our fruit has been harvested and we are preparing for the next season. We are looking to recommence our tours in Summer 2022.

If you would like to be the first to hear about our Orchard tours for next season, register your details below.

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Tours of our new facility are still taking place on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 2pm. Book your tickets now.

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18 Horswood Road, Narre Warren North, Victoria 3804

For all enquiries, please email us at theorchard@montague.com.au

Or call us on 03 9658 5913.

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These kids 👆 know where to find the best freshly squeezed apple juice. 🍎 ⁠

Round up the family for a weekend exploring Lysterfield Park and Lake before refuelling with a fresh apple juice and a takeaway coffee for the big kids 😉. ⁠

Both Bill's Orchard Gate and Stella's Kitchen takeaway are open from 9am until 2pm all weekend. ⁠

Tag someone 👇 in our 15km radius and let them know. ⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Barista-made ☕ and fresh scones are always a good idea 😍⁠.⁠

We've loved having more of our community venture to join us at The Orchard as travel restrictions ease to a 15km radius. ⁠

Pair a takeaway snack with a walk around Lysterfield Lake this week. We are open from 9am until 2pm every day.⁠

Here's what you'll find on our takeaway menu 👇⁠
🍩 Jam donuts⁠
🍟 Hot chips ⁠
🐟 Fish and chips⁠
🍗 Crumbed chicken and chips ⁠
🥦 Vegetarian frittata⁠
🥗 Pasta salad⁠
🍣 Poke bowl (only available on weekends)⁠

Tag a friend you can meet with for a picnic or a walk at Lysterfield Park. 👇⁠

📷 @cally_vanderschyff⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Save the wait for your weekly farmers' market to start up again and head to Bill’s Orchard Gate. 🍎 🍯⁠

You'll find our shelves brimming with fresh, seasonal produce and condiments, open every day of the week from 9am until 2pm. ⁠

We're excited we can now welcome our local community within a 15km radius, tag someone 👇 who lives locally to remind them to stock their pantry and fridge with our goodies 😉⁠.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Get cooking with envy™ 🍎 this weekend 👇⁠.⁠

This spiced brown butter envy™ apple upside-down cake is sure to have you cooking up a storm in the kitchen. ⁠

You'll need three envy™ apples for this recipe, tossed in sugar and melted butter. 😍⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 for the full recipe and drop by Bill's Orchard Gate to grab some ingredients.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Did someone say, sweet, fruity, and refreshing? 😍⁠

Perfect to sip on in the spring sunshine ☀️, our Montague Cider House apple cider combines the sweetness of Australian apples with aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and faint notes of clove spice.⁠

Drop by and pick up a four or 24 pack at Bill's Orchard Gate, open 9am until 2pm every day. ⁠

Tag a cider-loving friend and let them know 👇⁠.⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

🔔 Coming soon to The Orchard 🔔.⁠

Any guesses 👇 as to what it could be? 🤔⁠

Keep following and stay tuned for something exciting to be revealed very soon 😍⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Shop local at Bill's Orchard Gate ❤️⁠

We know these past few months have been tough for our local growers, makers and creators. ⁠

👩‍🌾 That's why we are proud to support Australian grown and made products at Bill's Orchard Gate, many of which are sourced from farms local to our area. ⁠

Show your support and tag some of your favourites below 👇⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

Anybody else hanging out for the day we can sip coffee out of a ceramic cup again ☕ 🙋. ⁠

Today is International Coffee Day and we're serving up the next best thing - barista-made takeaway coffee. ⁠

Stella's Kitchen takeaway area is open from 9am until 2pm every day serving up coffee and treats and snacks. ❤️⁠

Tag a friend 👇 you're looking forward to catching up over with when able. ⁠

#MontagueOrchard #Montague #Experience

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