VICTORIA, 01 February 2021

Australia’s leading family-owned, fresh produce business, Montague, are launching their newest early season apple, SweeTango® just in time for heading back to school. Now the first apple of the season, SweeTango® is an ideal summer snack with an early harvest window from January to February. Adding to Montague’s already large portfolio of brands, this new apple will enhance the range of apple eating experiences available to Australian consumers.

SweeTango® was developed by apple breeders from the University of Minnesota who crossed Zester and Honeycrisp apples using non GMO breeding techniques. In 2009 the SweeTango® brand was sold for the first time on the US apple market. Montague commenced testing of trees which produce SweeTango® apples in Australia in 2017, with the first commercial fruit entering the market 5 years later.

SweeTango® is an easy-to-eat apple with a bright red blush over a yellow cream breaking background and has the loudest crunch of any apple, in fact it holds the world record for the loudest crunch.

This will be the first season for Australian consumers to enjoy SweeTango® apples with a small volume of 80,000 kilograms being harvested in early 2022. However, it is estimated that by 2030, over 2.9 million kilograms will be available to consumers.

Extensive consumer research was undertaken to understand the eating qualities of SweeTango® and customers preference relative to existing apples.  Overall customers perceived the size, juiciness, and sweetness levels to be “just right” with the overall opinion of the apple scoring 7.8 out of a 9-point scale.

The flavour profile is crisp and sweet with a zesty watermelon flavour and touch of citrus, honey, and spice. A perfect eat with white wine and seafood on a summer’s night. The texture is unique as it is loaded with juice and a good sugar acidity, but still produces a record-breaking loudest crunch.

Rowan Little, General manager at Montague fresh said “We are very excited for the launch of the new early season apple variety in 2022. SweeTango® harvest is well underway to ensure they are available throughout summer. This crunchy, yet juicy, sweet and zesty apple is unlike any other, and we are thrilled for our customers to experience this new variety.”

SweeTango® will be available across all (Woolworths, Costco stores, selected independents) this summer which is optimal timing for a light, fresh and crisp summer snack whilst enjoying the record-breaking loudest crunch!

About Montague:
Montague is a family-owned business who have been growing fruit for three generations. Founded by William (Bill) Montague (OAM) in 1948 the company is now operated by his family. In 2020 Montague activities include fruit growing, production and packing, food sales and marketing and the provision of storage and   logistics services to the fresh produce industry. The Montague team and their network of national and global horticulture partners are dedicated to innovation in the horticulture industry and educating consumers about the world of fresh produce.

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