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To generate a sustainable farming future, we harvest the power of the sun. ☀️⁠

Utilising a combination of natural lighting, solar power, and thermal efficiency we're able to minimise the use of electricity while continuing to produce high-quality and delicious fruit for our consumers. ⁠

Just as apple trees require direct sunlight to grow, our orchards flourish through the consumption of the sun.⁠

Keep following as we continue to share ways that Montague focuses on sustainability while delivering fruit that you love. ⁠

#sustainability #Montague

It's time for a school holiday snack break. 😍⁠

For convenient snacking for the little ones, Montague CROC EGGS™ plums are sweet, juicy, and ideal for any budding Picassos. ⁠

Do your kids love CROC EGGS™ as much as we do? ⁠

Keep an eye out for our purple dinosaur sticker at your local @woolworths_aus. ⁠

#CROCEGGS #plums

Join us this summer for an afternoon on the lawn at @montagueorchard. ☀️ 🌳⁠

We'll be hosting a line-up of talented local musicians performing live each Saturday in January for Summer Sessions at The Orchard. ⁠

Enjoy food and drinks from our food truck and throw down a picnic rug for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 for more info and tag a friend below 👇 to let them know. ⁠

#Montague #MontagueOrchard

Packed with crunch and a refreshing burst of flavour, JAZZ™ apples are unparalleled when it comes to convenient snacking. 🍎⁠

Did you know you can still find JAZZ™ at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers?⁠

The best part is, JAZZ™ apples are known for having longer shelf-life, so stocking an abundance in your fruit bowl is the way to go. 👏⁠

#Montague #JAZZapples

The sun's out and so are our the MONTAGUE tree™ stone fruit. 🍑⁠

Who else loves to munch on a yellow of white-fleshed nectarine in the summertime? ⁠

The best part about eating seasonal fruits is that you know they've been sourced locally in Australia and are at their peak of flavour. ⁠

Keep an eye out for our yellow the MONTAGUE tree™ stickers across supermarkets and greengrocers. ⁠

#Montague #theMONTAGUEtree #stonefruit #necatrines

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