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Our Narre Warren North packhouse facility operates 5 apple grading lines.

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Montague offer warehousing and transport solutions to the food industry.

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Montague exports premium stone fruit and apples around the world.

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Montague Queensland

Our Queensland operation sells direct to independent retailers and green grocers.

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You’ve likely heard of the expression ‘an 🍎 a day keeps the 👨🏻‍⚕️ away’, but have you ever wondered why?⁠

⁠Loaded with impressive health benefits, apples can do wonders for your health. ⁠

⁠According to dietician Joel Feren apples are packed with fibre, vitamins B and C, potassium, and low GI. ⁠

If that's not enough to get you munching on an apple head to our JAZZ™ highlights 👆 and read our article in @marieclairau.⁠

#montague #JAZZapple #marieclaireau

Our JAZZ™ apples will be getting a touch of pink 💕 from next week. ⁠

Montague is proudly supporting the @mcgrathfoundation from 29 Sept to 19 Oct donating 10c to every 1kg sold⁠.⁠

👩‍⚕️ @mcgrathfoundation raise money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia to help increase breast health awareness.⁠

Keep your eyes peeled in @igaaustralia stores for our JAZZ™ apples 🍎 with blue and pink stickers.⁠

#montague #mcgrathfoundation #jazzsensation

Did you know, our network of growers love fruit just as much as you?! 😍🍎⁠

🌳 There's a lot of hard work and care that goes into growing fruit, with apples being one of the slowest ripening fruit products.⁠

💮 It takes up to nine months for an apple to grow from a flower to fruit. ⁠

👩‍🌾 That's why, when it comes to harvesting, our growers take pride in ensuring only the best of the best make their way to your supermarket shelves for you to enjoy. ⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 to head to our YouTube to learn more about our network of growers. ⁠

#montague #aussiegrowers

Name a better picnic basket pairing than a basket of envy™ 🍎 and a good vino 🍷. We'll wait.⁠

With the temperature ☀️ on the rise, now is the best time to throw down a rug and take your apple snacking outdoors 🌳.⁠

🛒 Pick up envy™ apples to snack on at your local @woolworths_au, @costco_aus, and selected @igaaustralia and independent greengrocers. ⁠

😍 What's your ultimate apple pairing? Let us know 👇⁠

📷 @hannahandjai⁠

#Montague #envyapples

Chomp on this 🍎👆. ⁠

Packed with crunch and a refreshing 💦 burst of flavour, JAZZ™ apples are unparalleled when it comes to convenient snacking. ⁠

🍽️ Keeping the hunger pains away, JAZZ™ apples are a medium-sized apple, making it just the right size to eat on the go 🏃🏼‍♀️, keeping you full for longer. ⁠

🛒 Shop JAZZ™ at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers. ⁠

#Montague #JAZZapple

🛍️ A photo of someone who has just finished a grocery shop haul?⁠ 🍎🥦⁠

Once you've put away the groceries, jump onto our recipe page for some inspiration for your weekly menu.⁠

🥧 Cook up an apple pie ⁠
🥗 Toss together a fresh salad ⁠

Click the link in our bio 👆 for recipe inspiration. ⁠

🛒 Shop eve™ apples exclusively at your local @colessupermarkets⁠

#Montague #eveapple

"In the end, you become part of the land; it’s part of our DNA, it’s part of who we are, you learn to live with mother nature and fit in with what she wants to do."⁠ - David Finger, Apple Grower. ⁠

🌳 Growing fruit is a continuous cycle of work. Farmers regularly maintain and care for the orchard throughout every season, keeping an eye on the fruit 🍎 as it grows. ⁠

❤️ We are grateful to work with such dedicated growers who play such an instrumental role in growing apples across their orchards.⁠

Hit the link in our bio 👆 to learn more about our network of growers. ⁠

#Montague #Aussiegrowers #Aussiefarmers⁠

Let us introduce you to the apple that does it all 👉 envy™ 🎉.⁠

Sweet, juicy, and full of vitamin C, envy™ tastes just as good paired with 🧀 and 🍷 as it does as a stand-alone snack 🍎.⁠

Maintaining crisp, white flesh long after being sliced renders it ideal for entertaining guests. ⁠

🥗 If cheese boards and platters aren't your thing, then dice them up and add them into a salad for a fresh and juicy crunch. ⁠

🛒 Shop envy™ at your local @woolworths_au, @costco_aus, or selected @igaaustralia and independent grocers. ⁠

#Montague #envyapples

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