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Fruit Packing

Our Narre Warren North packhouse facility operates 5 apple grading lines.

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Montague offer warehousing and transport solutions to the food industry.

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Montague exports premium stone fruit and apples around the world.

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Montague Queensland

Our Queensland operation sells direct to independent retailers and green grocers.

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Get your body moving with JAZZ™ 🍎. ⁠

Dietician Joel Feren provides the solution to getting your body moving (don’t skip the carbs)⁠.⁠

Carbohydrates are the body's preferred fuel source and having a steady supply of carbs allows your body to function at its best and get the most out of a workout. ⁠

👊 You’ll find complex carbs in whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. ⁠

@the_nutritionguy⁠, @marieclaireau⁠

🛒 Refuel with JAZZ™ apples at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers. ⁠

#montague #JAZZapples

When it comes to versatility, envy™ apples have got your back! 👊⁠

This sweet, juicy apple will take you from midday snacking to cheeseboard prepping 🧀 and salad tossing 🥗. ⁠

What's your favourite way to eat envy™ apples? ⁠

We'd love to know. 😊⁠

🛒 Shop envy™ apples at your local ⁠@woolworths_au, @costco_aus, and selected @igaaustralia and independent greengrocers.⁠

#montague #envyapples

Prepping for a busy day? ⁠🏃‍♀️⁠

Lucky for you we've got the perfect snack size item to get productivity flowing 👉 eve™ apples ✔️⁠

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than discovering a healthy snack that tastes as good as its health benefits, especially when stopping to prep a healthy snack just isn’t on the cards. ⁠🍎⁠

Tag a friend 👇 and remind them to stop for a snack today.⁠

🛒 Running low on eve™ apples? Stock up at @colessupermarkets⁠

#montague #eveapples

Want to know a juicy secret? 🤫⁠

Grabbing a nutritious 🍎 before your next workout could have you training 🏋️‍♀️ harder. ⁠

Dietician Joel Feren explains how eating whole foods like fruit helps stabilise blood sugar levels, giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep running at its best.⁠


🛒 Shop ⁠JAZZ™ apples at all leading supermarkets and independent greengrocers. ⁠

#montague #JAZZapples

This envy™ Apple Coconut Bircher⁠ recipe by @donna.hay will have you starting your day just right. 😍 👌⁠

Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix and refrigerate for one hour or overnight.⁠

Serve topped with flaked almonds, coconut yoghurt, and thin slices of envy™ Apple. ⁠

Want the full recipe? Click the link in our bio. 👆⁠

🛒 Get cooking with envy™ apples at your local ⁠@woolworths_au, @costco_aus, and selected @igaaustralia and independent greengrocers.⁠

📷 @donna.hay⁠

#montague #envyapples #donnahay

Got an abundance of envy™ 🍎 and need some recipe inspiration?⁠

We've got you covered with recipes set to impress, click the link in our bio 👆 to find them. ⁠

What's your go-to apple recipe? Let us know 👇⁠

🛒 Grab envy™ apples in season now at your local @woolworths_au, @costco_aus, and selected @igaaustralia and independent greengrocers. ⁠

#montague #envyapples

Put a smile on your dial, it's World Smile Day 😁.⁠

Sometimes it's the simple things like munching on a deliciously juicy and flavoursome apple that'll have us beaming all day long. 😁 😄 🙃⁠

Let us know 👇 what's been making you smile today.⁠

#montague #JAZZapples #worldsmileday

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