Seasonal Veggie Box

$28.00 Inc. GST

$28 per box

Optional add on +$7.99 for a dozen free range eggs

Support local growers and farmers whilst ensuring you have your fresh, seasonal vegetables for the week. A selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables sourced from local growers. This box is recommended for two people.

  • Red Gem potatoes situated in Nar Nar Goon
  • Schreurs & Sons situated in Clyde
  • Corrigans situated in Clyde
  • Willow Zen eggs situated in Gippsland
Please note that the vegetable selection may vary each week depending what is in season, and photos are an indication only.

The selection of vegetables is of the highest quality and no bespoke variations will be accepted due to availability.

Pickup is available every day during opening hours, at Bill’s Orchard Gate(fresh produce & gift store)- sorry, no delivery. If you are unable to come on the day selected, please contact Bill’s Orchard Gate on (03) 9658 5913 to arrange an alternative pickup day.


For any queries, please email us at [email protected].

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