eve™ Apples

We searched, we tasted, we trialed and now we introduce eve™.


An apple grown to pleasure the palate of apple lovers, eve™ apples offer a balance of sweetness, tartness, crispiness and juiciness with every bite.

Distinguished by its bright red skin and superb white flesh, eve™ is the perfect option to add freshness to a winter salad or lunchbox snack.


Known as our late harvest apple, our eve™ apples are available from June to August each year.


Thriving in some of the coldest temperatures in Australia, eve™ is grown in the cool mountainous regions of Batlow (NSW) and Huon Valley (TAS).

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Where to Buy

Available exclusively from Coles supermarkets nationally, keep an eye out for our black eve™ sticker.

Make sure you follow our social media channels @montagueofficial for up to date information about when eve™ is in season.

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