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Meet the Growers

As fruit growers, the Montague Farms goal is to attain the world’s best practice in effective growing, through consistent production of world class fruit, quality control and investing in crop protection. 

With orchards and farms strategically located across Australia, our stellar network of over 25 growers work passionately to grow exceptional fruit.

Meet a few of the friendly faces behind your favourite fruit.

Howard Hansen - Huon Valley, TAS

Howard Hansen is a fourth generation family grower in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. Pictured here with his daughter, Skye, Howard grows envy™ apples, a variety he has unwavering passion for.

As Apple & Pear Australia Ltd. 2020 Grower of the Year, Howard Hansen also leads research and development orchards, experimenting with production innovation to improve fruit quality and harvest quantity.

Andrew & Claire Routley - Katunga, VIC

Near Swan Hill in Katunga, Victoria, the Routleys have been growing fruit since the 1950s as a third-generation family ran and owned business. 

Andrew grew up on the orchard, working with his grandfather and father until himself, Claire and his family took over the business. The Routley’s live and breathe fruit – from growing, to taste-testing, to hand-picking.

The Routleys have been growing CROC EGGS™ since Australia first fell in love with these delicious plums, now coming up to 15 years.

David & Sue Finger - Yarra Valley, VIC

The Finger family have lived in the Yarra Valley for 150 years, with David a sixth-generation apple grower and Sue a third-generation fruit grower. As David says, growing apples and living on the land is “part of our DNA”.

 Proud growers, the Fingers grow an abundance of fruit in the Yarra Valley. If you’ve ever picked up a JAZZ™, envy™, Smitten®, Ambrosia™, SweeTango® or Kissabel® apple, there’s high chance it came from their orchard!

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Thank you to all our growers

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