yello® Apples

An apple that delivers the colour of taste.


Thought we only grew green and red apples? Think again.

Originating from Japan in 1983, yello® is a new generation of yellow apple, crossed between a Golden Delicious and Senshu apple.

Known for its complex sweet flavour, with a cream-coloured flesh and vibrant yellow skin, this apple is sure to impress when entertaining.

With an excellent shelf life and consistent quality, yello® will impress inspiring chefs and food lovers delivering a pop of colour to any plate or grazing board.


It has a complex, sweet flavour that is reminiscent of cooked apples and summer blossoms.

The yello® apple is a delightful fruit with a subtly sweet and slightly tangy flavour. Its refreshing taste makes a delightful snack. Whether eaten fresh or used in recipes, the yello® apple adds a burst of colour and flavour to any dish.


A single bite reveals an incredibly crisp interior with cream-coloured flesh.


yello® apples are generally in season from May to August. You’ll want to keep an eye out for these large crisp yellow-skinned apples each year.


Exclusively brought to you by Montague through our Victorian growing partners situated in West Gippsland, Drouin, Yarra Valley, and the Mornington Peninsula. yello® is currently only grown in these select areas with limited amounts yielding each year.

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