envy™ Apples

They say ‘one bite and you’ll believe’ how good these apples are.

The envy™ Story

Since it was introduced, envy™ has emerged as the apple with everything: the sweet, sophisticated flavour, uplifting, fresh aroma, delightfully satisfying crunch, beautiful appearance, and naturally white flesh.

envy™ is the ultimate apple experience

There are people who simply accept what life offers up and then there are those who seek more.

envy™ shows that you choose to make each moment supremely delightful and that you know the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

envy™ is an invitation to enjoy a small moment to savour and raise your expectations of what an apple can be.

Whatever you are doing right now, envy™ apple makes the experience so much more memorable and remarkable for you and the ones you love.


If sweet and juicy are characteristics you love in an apple, choose envy™.

Crossed between a Braeburn and a Royal Gala, envy™ is considered the sister apple to our JAZZ™ and is characterised by its dense flesh that is sweet, juicy and low in acidity.

Beautifully balanced sweetness with an uplifting fresh aroma.


The texture of envy™ has a delightfully satisfying crunch and maintains a bright, white flesh, well after being sliced making it ideal for salads and cheese boards.

With a crisp, white flesh that stays whiter for longer (thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of vitamin C) envy™ is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese board or fresh salad.


Our Australian grown envy™ apple is available from the end of autumn through to the start of spring, from May to September.


Our Australian grown envy™ apples grow best in regions with rich soil, high rainfall and summer sunshine, making our Stanthorpe (QLD), Batlow (NSW) and Huon Valley (TAS) orchards a match made in envy™ growing heaven.

Seen on the right is Orchard Manager Steve, and David Finger from Vernview Orchard situated in the Yarra Valley, VIC.

Meet Our Growers

Where to Buy

You’ll find our envy™ apples at your local Woolworths supermarket, selected independent retailers and greengrocers and Bill’s Orchard Gate at The Orchard.

Make sure you follow our social media channels @montagueofficial for up to date information about when envy™ is in season.

Try slicing some envy™ apples and serving with granola and yoghurt for a delicious breakfast.

Delicious Recipes

Frozen envy™ Apple & Blackberry Ripple Yoghurt Ice-Cream
Flourless Chocolate, envy™ Apple & Almond Torte
envy™ Apple Tart by Reynold Poernomo
envy™ Apple Rose Cupcakes

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