Sustainability and Quality

We know that a consistently, high quality product can only be achieved when every stage of our production process is dedicated to the one goal.


There’s always an opportunity to innovate and that’s why each year, we invest over $500,000 in research and development initiatives. We travel to all corners of the world to discover new products, processes and meet passionate fruit breeders that will constantly enhance our produce and services.

Our research and development team are focused on delivering produce that not only we think is juicy and delicious but, you think is great for your fruit bowl. This includes constant maintenance of fruit test blocks for new varieties, reviewing processes that test flavour and cosmetic appeal and, working closely with you – the consumer.


Great produce comes down to its roots, literally.

Soil health is vital to fruit quality so we constantly search for ways to build organic matter into our orchard’s soil. This is currently achieved through our partnership with Environmix. Environmix adds organic matter back into the soil from household green waste and optimises soil moisture using specialised irrigation systems designed to release water to the root zone of the tree.

Our house of brands.