Australia produces a large range of apples as our climate is well suited to the fruit.

Australian households enjoy apples year-round courtesy of different varieties that are harvested at different times throughout the year.

The southern hemisphere harvest season begins in January with great anticipation around early season apple varieties such as Smitten® and sold until April whilst the popular JAZZ™ enjoys a longer season from March through to November.

There are now also many newer apple varieties emerging that taste and look great including envy™ and Yello™. Australia has a proud history of cultivating new apple varieties and Montague is dedicated to bringing new varieties to the industry with new generation apples that offer outstanding flavours and uses. New world apples are offering new ways to use apples in a variety of cooking methods and baking. Montague has seen a shift in the way people enjoy apples in Australia from the humble apple pie and snacking to innovative, modern dishes.

Consumers are able to enjoy locally grown varieties all year round thanks to excellence in cold storage technology which allows pack houses and retailers to successfully store fruit in optimum condition.*


Stone Fruits

Australian summer stonefruit is produced in approximately 26 regions in all states across the country. Victoria and New South Wales dominate, however, South Australia and Queensland also grow stone fruit.

The summer stonefruit industry in Australia can be classified into low, medium and high chill production areas.


Australian Plums are available between November and April.


Australian nectarines are available between October and April.


Australian peaches are available between October and April.


Australian apricots are available between November and February.


Is a time to rest and prepare for spring by planting new trees and pruning.


Is an exciting time in the orchards when new life begins.

Bees are a essential part of the environment and food production system. Without bees, the world would not be able to grow fruit naturally. Bees fly from flower to flower to enhance pollination.

The Orchard team hins the trees by reducing the amount of branches on the tree to enable the tree to have enough nutrition to provide plentiful fruit to the buds on the trees. Thinning allows more sunshine to reach the fruit as the tree grows throughout spring and summer.

Grafting and fertilizing is also performed to ensure the tree is ready for summer. Natural minerals such as magnesium is often used to enhance the trees growth.


The period to grow.

Water is a critical element to fruit production and to gain fruit size.

Summer pruning occurs to aid the tree growth and the orchard team monitors the estimated crop size very closely.

Protection of the apples from hail, birds and wind damage is vital during summer. Birds enjoy fruit and will often find ways through the netting to eat the fruit so constant maintenance is required.

Reflective sheets are placed under the trees, down each row to reflect the sun for even colour. This acts as a mirror for the fruit.


Montague celebrates harvest each year and dedicate the entire season to picking the fruit.  Every single apple and stone fruit is hand-picked which ensures the fruit is reached to you in optimum condition. Every person who picks the fruit in the orchard follows strict hygiene and the fruit is washed a number of times before being packed into boxes for green grocers, markets and supermarkets.

Packing & Transport

Montague pack the fruit for our own orchards and also packs fruit for a number of growers across Victoria and New South Wales. In Queensland,  Montague has a dedicated packaging and market floor facility to support wholesale trading. Montague manages the direct to customer distribution centres,  transport, sales and marketing.

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